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Bathroom Design by Bathrooms by John – New Bathrooms, Made Easy!

Bathroom Design by Bathrooms by John

At Bathrooms by John our 3D design team will take you through the different aspects of the project . We will call to your home. Bathrooms by John will access the pipe layout and what is best for future use. Just because pipes are in a certain area doesn’t mean that they need to be placed back in the same place. We want to present cool new ideas that are inspiring, fun and if you are remodeling then Bathrooms by John will want to be a great resource for new ideas. Bathrooms by John do everything from contemporary style to traditional period and bohemian look.

Get Comfortable

At Bathrooms by John we believe that this is the most important thing. Comfortable, happy people make the best decisions by far…and that goes into the bathroom as well! Open showers with large screens give your bathroom the feeling of space. It provides a wider accessible space with an increased shower area.
Like getting a larger tub. They give you the relaxation time needed at the end of the day.
If you wish to escape cold floors, try our underfloor heating system which works well with wooden floor and tiles alike. Comfort time is larger, deep basins – that provide more adequately for the average person.

Designs – Tile patterns and shapes.

There is a resurgence of old style tiles. No longer are people content with bathrooms of old but rather eye catching shapes and designs. At The Bathrooms by John we can point you in the right direction.

Wood Effect Design

Wood is back! …All be it in different shades!
Whites, blues and greens and darker wood effects. Wood accents blend beautifully with almost anything.

Storage Design

Bathroom storage is the bain of almost everyone’s life. At The Bathrooms by John we will show you how to make the most of space. Our bepsoke design can provide hidden cabinets, wall shelving and vanity space storage so you bathroom still has the feeling of space and is open and organised.



4 Key Points To Design

1. To Give You The Space You Deserve

You’ll be investing in something that says something about you and at Bathrooms By John we have all the facilities to help you reach that heavenly look you wished for and collaborate that in a 2019 bathroom is a huge part of family living.

2. Material Is Crucial

At Bathrooms By John we believe a choice of material is crucial to getting the best out of your space.
a. Do you tile the whole bathroom?
b. Do you use wood?
c. Do you add wallpaper?
d. The choice of units throughout the room
e. The choice of sanitary ware
f. The choice of taps
This is why we don’t solely sell our products and materials but rather take you to the best outlets ain Dublin to pick from an array of quality goods.

3. Embellish

Finally embellish the beautiful bathroom with lighting fixtures and accessories that soften the whole scheme and paints and products to brighten if needed. We have a wide range of products that can soften the mood. We are also keen to make your bathroom future proof and make it last into the future. At Bathrooms By John we want to modernise your bathroom and transform it into a personalised spa where technologies make the whole experience more relaxing.

Bathroom Design by Bathrooms by John – We do it all, simple!


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