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Bathrooms By John – New Bathrooms, Made Easy!

Get Comfortable

At Bathrooms by John we believe that this is the most important thing. Comfortable, happy people make the best decisions by far…and that goes into the bathroom as well! Open showers with large screens give your bathroom the feeling of space. It provides a wider accessible space with an increased shower area.
Like getting a larger tub. They give you the relaxation time needed at the end of the day.
If you wish to escape cold floors, try our underfloor heating system which works well with wooden floor and tiles alike.

Our Process Is Easy


1. Design

At Bathrooms by John our 3D design team will take you through the different aspects of the project . We will call to your home. Bathrooms by John will access the pipe layout and what will work best for future use. Just because pipes are in a certain area doesn’t mean that they need to be placed back in the same place. We want to present cool new ideas that are inspiring, fun and if you are remodeling then Bathrooms by John will want to be a great resource for new ideas. Bathrooms by John do everything from contemporary style to traditional period and bohemian look.

2. Embellish

Finally embellish the beautiful bathroom with lighting fixtures and accessories that soften the whole scheme and paints and products to brighten if needed. We have a wide range of products that can soften the mood. We are also keen to make your bathroom future-proof and make it last into the future. At Bathrooms By John we want to modernise your bathroom and transform it into a personalised spa where technologies make the whole experience more relaxing.

3. Bathroom Removal

Bathrooms By John provide a clean and efficient solution to getting rid of your old bathroom. We take great pride and care to ensure your home can function while the cleaning away work is underhand.
We will ensure that all structures are protected. We will cover your carpets, protect paintwork and more. Skips are provided from day one to ensure that gardens and pathways are free from unsightly debris.
We will drain away all wastewater from pipes so no spillages occur. When all the fixtures are removed safely and carefully we will then start the removal of old tiles from the floors and walls. At this point we check that all plasterwork is in a sound state to take the new materials. Everything is then cleaned down by our professional team to ensure new materials are not soiled.

 4. Construction

Bathrooms By John are noted for their quality construction.
At Bathrooms By John we follow the design set out in our 3D drawings in stage one of the process.
We start with what we call “The First Fix”, which will include the general pipework by our professional plumbing team. Then, on the same day, our qualified carpenters will install and first fix wood work and any parts of the shelving discussed with the home owner. All plasterboard work is completed on the same day. Our tradesmen are the best in the business and nothing is left to chance. Bathrooms By John directly employ all our staff as we believe they make the most conscientious staff. Outsourcing to subcontractors is one of the biggest reasons that lead to unsatisfied clients so we never do it! All our staff are 100% accountable – one of the many reasons that your finishes are one standard…absolute perfection.



5. Electrical

Bathrooms By John provide an electrical service and layout that is second to none. Why do we value this so much? Well, it can provide more than the basis for just lights and shaving sockets. A good light layout can provide for any mood and bring about relaxation after a long and arduous day. It can provide an uplift to tiles that are cold and stark and turn it into a place of of beauty and warmth.
Bathrooms By John can provide you with electrically heated floors and towel warmers. Bathrooms By John electricians will ensure that your wiring is up to date and is certified by RECI standards. They will make sure that all lights and sockets are IP rated against moisture.
Bathrooms By John will provide wiring for new lit mirrors etc.

6. Tilling and Effect

After the design process clearance, construction and electrical, this is the stage where everything comes together.
Bathrooms By John has a qualified tilling who crew come highly recommended from a variety of clients. They are qualified in all the arts of tiling to include; brick effect, tile on tile, cutting tiles etc.
They will apply sealants professionally and will grout tiles to the highest standard. This is a very important feature and often bathrooms are unsightly with dilapadated grout. They will work quickly and accurately without fuss to ensure the process is achieved easily.
If it is the case that the homeowner decides to use another effect, like for instance – wood, then our expert carpenters are equally efficient and as responsible as our tilers, their accuracy and attention to detail is the best in the bathroom business.

7. Fitting

At this stage you are very near the end of the build and it is a great time for home owners and for bathrooms by John.
Our highly trained and skilled craftsmen will seamlessly bring you through this.

They will effortlessly fit all fixtures and ensure that there are no damages to the relevant pieces being fitted. Our expert tradesmen will ensure all the fittings are correct before being fitted so that the home owner has piece of mind.


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